A Classification of Tantric Massage Therapy You Should Know

Tantric massage is a type of esoteric but highly effective therapy that provides sexual stimulation. But there are various types of Tantric massage and with time, more and more subdivisions of this type of therapy have emerged. However, today we will particularly take a look at the types that follow the core Tantric philosophy. So, if you are planning to schedule this type of therapy but want to research the same, this post can provide you with important insights.

  • Tantric Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage is a popular type of Tantric massage in London that helps women to experience intense orgasms. It is a full-body massage that is intricately performed. It is erotic in nature but is quite sensual. Besides, the therapy focuses on the female genitalia and other erogenous zones in the body. So, if you are a woman and want to experience sexual pleasure with a touch of sensualism, this is the therapy that you will need to consider. In fact, the therapy can also help release sexual trauma.

  • Lingam Massage    

Lingam Massage is the male counterpart of the Yoni massage. It is a Neo-Tantric massage that aims to stimulate men or those having a penis as their genitalia. This is also a full-body massage. So, as a man, if you want to opt for a Tantric massage in West London, you can opt for the same. 

A masseuse will perform the massage and ensure that you reach orgasm. Additionally, this type of massage also helps in stress relief.

  • Kundalini Massage

This is one of the oldest Tantric therapies still performed. This massage focuses on the various ‘chakras’ on the body. The masseuse aims to raise the ‘Kundalini’ which is a form of potent energy through the chakras since it helps in the rejuvenation of the body and the mind. 

Kundalini massage not only provides sexual stimulation but also enhances circulation. For this reason, this is one of the most popular Tantric massage therapies around.


  • Sacred Spot Massage   

The sacred spot massage, also called ‘G-spot’ massage or sometimes ‘G-spot’ prostate massage, is aimed at stimulating the G-spot of women. However, this massage therapy is also beneficial in stimulating the prostate gland of men. So, the masseuse or the masseur providing Tantric massage in Bayswater and other London regions needs to be an expert in the application of the same.

  • Tantric Couples Massage

As the name suggests, this is an erotic massage aimed at providing sexual stimulation to couples. 

Here, a professional applies the massage and guides the couple in achieving orgasms without the involvement of sexual intercourse. 

Couples’ massage has become extremely popular due to its stress-relieving potential.

  • Tantric Breast Massage Therapy

Another form of Tantric massage in London that you can opt for is the Tantric breast massage which is applied to the breasts of women with the aim of increasing overall circulation and cultivation of sexual energy. It not only opens the heart and also amplifies the orgasmic experience. Besides, the massage makes women’s breasts healthy and firm and helps maintain the hormonal balance that aids in retaining intimacy with her partner.

As mentioned already, there are other offshoots of Tantric massage which have also become popular. So, we will give an account of the same later.

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