7 Tantric Massage Moves to Correct Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation has been a nightmare for males since time eternal. Innumerable relations have broken due to this, and conjugal lives of innumerable numbers of couples have reached rock bottom, due to premature  ejaculation. Despite a wide plethora of treatments being available, one of the most effective means of getting it treated is through tantric massage –  and that is where we at Tantric Temple make a difference. We are home to some of the most experienced and exotic therapists, who will use all their skills and qualifications to come up with some highly energising moves that will go all the way to treat premature ejaculation.

On this page, let us discuss the 10 different ways in which our tantric massage can solve this ailment. 

  • Intimate talking does a great help: Sessions with our therapists providing erotic massage in London will start with some professional, yet intimate and care tete-a-tete session, which may include discussion the whatever it takes to make the session, sensational, heart warming, intimate and productive. The idea is to find out the ideal route to a solution. 


  • Releasing the tension of the pelvic floor: Muscular tension in the pelvic floor is often one of the primary reasons behind Premature ejaculation. It is caused either due to sporting activities, a sedentary lifestyle or any trauma in the pelvic area. Our practitioners of Tantric Massage in Queensway would use specialised techniques to treat the ailment. 


  • Help getting rid of performance anxiety: Our very best erotic massage therapists in London would carry out reprogramming techniques to help removal of negative thought elements, as these thoughts during the sexual activity are one of the root causes of premature ejaculation. 


  • Ensuring improved blood and lymph circulation:  The tantric massage conducted by our Tantric Masseuse in London involves massage of the entire body, which also includes genital massage. This holistic body massage will promote unabated blood and lymph circulation to and from the male genitals and the entire pelvic region. This goes a  long way in helping cure premature ejaculation. 


  • Prostate Massage: This is a very important chapter of our tantric massage therapy in Bayswater. This is an internal massage that not only helps in eradicating premature ejaculation, but will help in having a healthy prostate gland. 


  • Release of trauma and emotional stress: In case the premature ejaculation is because any trauma at an earlier ager, or from any act of rejection, then out therapists offering Tantric Massage in Marble Arch  as in any other place will do whatever it takes to help release the emotional stress and trauma. 


  • Reconnecting mind and spirit with sexuality: Our erotic massasge experts in London do not just increase libido to eliminate any shortfall, including premature ejaculation. They will look forward to imbibing a holistic development of mind, body and spirit, thereby helping in comprehensive sexual therapy, which connects mind, body and spirit with sexuality that will help you revive your libido and erotic supremacy. 

Thus, if you are intimidated by the embarrassment of premature ejaculation that has sent your love life to rock bottom, call us today. Our tantric massage in and around London by the best experts will make all the difference for sure.