Tantric Sex Guide

Tantric Sex 


Perhaps, you have heard about tantric sex, right? However, you may lack a clear understanding of what it is and what makes it unique. If you’re this person, then this article is primarily designed for you. The tantric massage London team will guide you through tantric sex. By the end of this article, you’ll learn many things about it, including its techniques and tips to get you started. So, let’s start with the basics.

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What Is Tantric Sex? 

This question is the most basic of all. Tantric sex is making love consciously. When doing this type of sex, you do it out of awareness and love. During tantric lovemaking, you create an extensive energetic bond with your lover. Tantric sex is distinctive in that it is a relaxed discovery journey, whereby both your heart and sexual organ participate simultaneously. Usually, it is a passionate, cheerful, and unrestrained playing off each other’s sexual energy. As a result, your body and your partner’s body are merged into one through ecstatic sexual experience.

Tantric Sex Facts Verses Fiction

A Guide to Practicing Tantric Sex

Now that you’ve learned what tantra sex is, it’s time to explore some tips to help you put it into practice.


  • Ensure that you are consciously present during lovemaking
  • Feel the body by utilizing your senses directly.
  • Communicate from deep inside your heart.
  • Go beyond your mind- into your heart, body, and physical presence.


The Impact of Tantra on Sex Life

Do you experience a turbulent sex life with your partner? If yes, try introducing tantra in your lovemaking. Here are ways in which it can improve your sex life:


  • It lengthens your lovemaking:  tantra tends to be energetic and more relaxed, enabling you to enjoy longer.
  • It eliminates shame, guilt and fear:  tantra sex enables you to accept who you are, thus helping you cope with natural fears associated with lovemaking.
  • You become a sexual master: tantra enables you to master tricks to make yourself or your partner feel extraordinary during lovemaking. As a result, you enjoy the best out of lovemaking exercise. How cool is that?
  • It creates energy circles: tantra helps you generate sexual energy. It results in more intense lovemaking sessions.
  • It enables you to overcome mind constraints into soul and body: you enjoy the ultimate benefits of sexual life.


How Does Tantric Sex Differ from Typical Sex?

As previously stated, tantric sex is exceptional. But what makes it that unique? You’re about to find out here.

  • It goes beyond the primary instinct (it’s about conscious lovemaking)
  • It drifts away from pleasure-searching to true happiness.
  • It transforms lust into pure love.

TAntric SEx

What is a Happy Ending Massage ?

Happy Endings Massage Explained

You have heard people talking about happy ending massages, right? This type of massage is not just a fantasy on television. It exists in the real world if you know where to look. Happy ending massages end in clitoral stimulation or ‘yoni massage’, for women and hand jobs, for men. There exist many stereotypes surrounding happy ending massages. Tantric massage London experts will explain accurate details regarding happy ending massages. Also, you’ll learn about how and where you can get one, if interested.

 A Step-by-Step Guide to a Happy Ending Massage

The steps may vary from one massage therapist to another. However, these are some of the steps you should expect: 


  1. Massage Preparation

Preparing your body for massage and the environment where it will take place is a critical step. Your massage therapist is likely to give you a guide to help you get ready for the massage session. You will be asked to take a shower beforehand, take off your clothes, and lie down on the massage bed.


  1. A Slow Beginning to the Massage

The massage therapist begins to work on your back. They can use hot lotion or oils, based on your preference. Your therapist might be topless, clothed, and at times naked. The duration can vary between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your agreement.

Happy Ending

  1. Taking the Massage Session Higher

Midway through your massage session, the massage therapist will ask you to turn around and face up. Here, they focus on massaging your breasts, chest, thighs, and face. They clearly ask for your consent before proceeding to erogenous regions. Furthermore, they can use your non-verbal cues to decide whether or not to go down there.


  1. The Happy Ending

You’ll experience this feeling towards the end of the session. If you covered your genitals with a towel, the therapist will go underneath it and give you clitoral fingering/stimulation (for women) or a hand job (for men). However, you should never touch your massage therapist unless they give their enthusiastic consent. In this step, ejaculation and orgasm often occur but are not mandatory.


  1. Refresh Yourself

Once it’s over, you can clean up yourself. Your therapist may leave, allowing you to redress yourself at your best time.


  1. Tipping

Traditionally, tips are accepted. Tipping beliefs differ based on your massage provider and your location. As a result, we advise you to use your judgement well. Always remember to thank your masseuse.


Who Can Receive a Happy Ending Massage?

This massage type is designed for anyone who is legally qualified. It is for your sexual wellness and positivity. So, get off those stereotypes.


Why is it Important to Get a Happy Ending Massage?

  •         It relieves you from sexual and physical tension, anxiety, and stress
  •         Enhances your body confidence
  •         Improves your mood
  •         Ameliorate your emotional well-being
  •         Lowers your blood pressure
  •         Improves conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Is It a Must to Request for a Happy Ending Massage?

Massage therapists operate differently. Some of them will prefer discussing it upfront, while others opt to discuss it in later stages. For instance, you can ask them if they provide ‘extra’ services. That said, it’s all about your agreement with them.

Tantric Massage Agency

Where Can I Find a Happy Ending Masseuse?

Legally, exchanging money for sexual activities is allowed in the UK. However, there are many ethical and legal considerations surrounding the advertisement of such activities, including happy ending massages. As a result, you can’t find flashing posters written ‘happy ending massage available here’. There exists many risks, malpractices, and hygiene issues surrounding happy ending massage. As a result, it would be best if you considered getting your happy ending massage from reputable massage parlours. To get professional help and direction about where to get the Best Happy Ending Massage Services, contact tantric massage London here


How to give your woman a Yoni Massage like the experts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Giving a Yoni Massage by your resident Tantric Massage London Sexpert.

There has been an increasing number of women looking for new techniques of enjoying pleasure in their bodies. Times have changed. As a result, some of the sexual issues traditionally regarded as taboos are presently addressed shamelessly and with no fear of embarrassment. Yoni or vaginal massage is one of those issues (techniques) that gives women implausible pleasure. A Yoni Massage is often entwined into a full body Tantric Massage, for an utterly incredible experience.


If you have no idea about yoni massage, you have come to the perfect place. Our tantric massage London experts, through this article, will help you understand everything you need to know about it. We will share all details you need to perform this type of massage like a pro, either to yourself or your partner. Besides, you can follow this step-by-step guide on how to get the best out of yoni massage.


What is Vaginal or Yoni Message Therapeutic Intervention?

Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself this question. In Tantra’s practice, yoni massage is an erotic affinity between two women or a woman and a man. It focuses on the woman’s vaginal (yoni) surroundings.  In Sanskrit, yoni is defined as the vagina and is regarded as one of the sacred places. Conventionally, a yoni professional attentively massages the vagina and vulva.

On the other hand, the recipient conducts breathing exercises. As a result, it frees your physical and mental tensions. Doing so enhances your satisfaction from the intricate but captivating touches from their yoni massage provider. Although orgasm is not compulsory, it is welcomed as a side effect.


According to a Tantric Massage London survey, about 60% of women prefer receiving a yoni massage from other women. Besides, they don’t consider it lesbianism. That said, it means that women who go for a yoni massage see it as a holistic therapeutic intervention, not a sensual act.

Yoni Massage

Advantages of a Yoni Massage

Let’s get a look at some of the benefits you would enjoy from a yoni massage:


Stimulates Intense Orgasm

Most women report a remarkable improvement in orgasm magnitude after consistent yoni massage sessions. It occurs probably due to other factors such as a stress-free mental state and rejuvenated intimacy. Studies show that our psychological state determines our ability to attain orgasm and its intensity.


Improved Sexual Relationship

Yoni massage helps you do away with the fear of getting intimate with your partner. It adds excitement and fun to your sexual life with your partner while improving the connection and trust between both of you. Furthermore, understanding the pleasure that comes with yoni massage creates a bonding experience while supercharging the overall sexual confidence.


Facilitates Mental Healing

Most women who regularly participate in yoni massage sessions associate it with mental recovery.  Usually, there are many negative issues and emotions related to your genitalia, such as sexual trauma and shame issues. Learning the yoni massage method helps you release most of those emotional connections. As a result, you reprogram them into pleasurable and positive feelings.

Releases Your Additional Energy

Vaginal massage helps you attain a substantial connection between your soul, mind, and body. This achievement is probably the reason behind its close association with Tantra and its related methods. By searching your inner self, you unlock your full ability to connect spiritually with others.


How Do I Give a Yoni Massage?

This section is what you’ve been looking for all along, right? This section offers you all the necessary steps to conduct a yoni massage with your partner or yourself effectively. There are multiple ways of manipulating and stimulating your yoni area. However, the steps provided here by our tantric massage London experts will be of significant help to get you started. So, let’s get started.

Yoni Massage

Step 1: Set the Environment for Yoni Massage

Tantra is traditionally regarded as a holistic activity. It’s not always about orgasm and tantric sex; instead, it is about the journey towards attaining such pleasure. That said, it is crucial to create an environment that encourages intimate touching and yoni massage. Such an environment prepares your body and mind while allowing you to be stress-free and relax. You achieve such an environment by:


Arranging your space

Identify a perfect place that is suitable for the yoni session. It can be on your sofa, floor, or even bed. The most critical factor here is to ensure that you have enough space to flex freely. Use a pillow or a cushion to find the ideal position ready for ecstasy.


Preparing your tools

Most women prefer using cream or oil when performing a yoni massage. Such tools do not only provide a pleasant excitement but also freshen and moisturize your skin. Ensure that you use at most hypo-allergenic creams or oil because you may end up touching yourself internally. Some of the options you should opt for include high-end paraben-free massage oil and home-made yoni oil.


Creating an atmosphere with scent and mood lighting

Switch the lights to dim mode and try using scented candles to create a colourful candlelight effect. However, ensure that you use candles safely to ensure that nothing stops you during the yoni massage session.


Adjusting your room temperature

Switch on your heater if the temperatures are low, or open your windows to let in fresh air if it’s hot. It is disgusting to pause your pleasurable yoni massage session to go and change things here and there. Therefore, ensure that you change everything necessary to avoid inconveniences.


Playing some favourite music

create a calm, relaxed, and sexy atmosphere by playing appropriate music during the yoni massage session. Music stimulates your mind and soul while providing a natural rhythm that synchronizes with elegant touches from the massage.

Try this super orgasmic track LISTEN


Ensuring total privacy

It is annoying to be disrupted during one of the most pleasurable moments. It would be best if you avoided such disruptions by choosing a private and quiet place, away from any disturbances from friends, kids, roommates, or a guest. Also, consider switching your phone off or put it on flight or silent mode. Come on; this should be your time and yours alone!


Preparing your mind and body

Historically, yoni massage is considered a spiritual activity. That said, it is crucial to prepare your mind through meditative breathing sessions. Take a 5-minute meditation period to help cleanse your brain from all sorts of stress, worries, and insecurities to enhance your overall experience. Body-wise, you should ensure that you and your partner (if they are there) are clean and moisturized. Also, it would help if you trimmed your fingernails uniformly to avoid any severe sensations or scratches. You can consider using latex gloves if you have long fingernails and you’re not considering cutting them.


Step 2: Breath Tantrically

Breathing is pivotal to the art of authentic and Tantra yoni massage. This case is so because it allows you to freely and entirely let go of physical and mental tensions. It enhances your potential to connect with your partner or yourself during the massage session, thus improving your overall yoni massage experience. Besides, tantric breathing enables you to embody all the therapeutic and spiritual benefits associated with yoni massage. The following steps improve your yoni breathing method, thus drawing blood flow down to your vagina.


  • Sit upright (face one another if you are doing it with your partner)
  • Deeply exhale while focusing all your energy around the belly zone.
  • Shut your mouth and inhale through your nostrils.
  • Hold your breath for approximately 7 seconds.
  • Breathe out continuously for about 8 seconds through your lower abdomen and mouth.
  • Redo this exercise 3 or more times.


Step 3: Stimulate your stomach while awakening the breasts.

Instead of immediately focusing on the vaginal area as a warm-up, our tantric massage London experts advise you to start to massage the breasts and the upper body gently. Women typically take longer to get aroused than their male counterparts. Therefore, our experts advise you to build up your partner’s arousal slowly. Besides, it would help if you awakened the whole-body energy to facilitate blood flow.


Tantric massage London experts encourage you to massage the stomach and naval region to jumpstart your nerve endings. Carefully rub your belly using some cream while caressing your rib cage, breasts, chest area, and lower abdomen. While these areas are often ignored during lovemaking, they can effectively ignite intense arousal.


After realizing clear signs of body heat-up, draw more attention to the nipples and the breasts. However, before caressing the nipples, start with gentle touches on the breasts, then play around with your areola. The body will then generate a response, and now you can focus on the nipples by gently teasing and pinching them. However, don’t overdo this, and make sure to alter the strength of your touches.


Yoni massage approaches

Now that you have set the scene, your body is highly aroused, and your mind is ready; it’s time to get the yoni massage. Our tantric massage London experts recommend that you be aware that penetration is not compulsory. Therefore, you should focus on the external areas surrounding the vagina to increase blood flow to the clitoris’ nerve endings. That said, be open-minded and don’t focus on going too internal. Here are some of the primary step-by-step yoni massage approaches to help you get it right.

Yoni Massage

Circling the vagina

Begin by tenderly massaging around the clit. Doing so brings excitement around the area and not to the clit. Different women have different sensitivity thresholds here since most of the nerve endings meet here. Make small circular motions using three or two fingers while focusing on the clitoris hood. Tantric massage London advises you to take great caution when massaging the clit hood because it is sensitive.


It would be best if you did it in an exploratory way with differed circle sizes beginning with larger circles to smaller ones. Assume that you are slowly driving blood flow around your clitoris area. This action, at times, though not compulsory, can be seen swelling and enlarging.


The Push and Pull

This approach requires you to put one finger on the right and the other on the left side of the clit hood. Use the pull and push technique to reveal and retract the clit tip, then cover it again in the next movement. To clarify this approach, it is similar to how penis masturbation is done. The clit’s head is the same as the penis head.


Be watchful when applying pressure to each of those sides to ensure that it is mild. The speed of rubbing the clit should differ as you progress, starting with a low pace, then faster while alternating the pressure applied until you evoke excitement and stimulation. As you continue, tantric massage London advises you to try to squeeze each of your fingers consecutively as you pull and push to enhance clitoris rubbing and excitement.


Lip syncing

Labia is one of the areas that are frequently overlooked during a yoni massage. This area is referred to as the vaginal lips because it marks the internal yoni region entry point. Although sometimes it is externally visible, most women find it hidden in their pelvis skin. These lips are densely populated with nerve endings, making it a great area to stimulate arousal.


Once you find the lips, rub them while maintaining carefulness to each contour and crevasse. Tantric massage London advises you to start with the outer yoni areas then inner areas later. Also, make sure that you don’t let your fingers go too deep inside your vagina.


The big ending

Yoni massages do not primarily aim at achieving an orgasm. Some authentic tantric approaches encourage avoiding it. However, it is basically up to you to decide if you want to end your yoni massage session with an orgasm. The following are some of the other issues that you should consider to finish with an orgasm.


Start considering your vaginal area as a whole, with several areas to be stimulated simultaneously. Move your fingers over the clitoris and on top of the yoni.  Apply average pressure than before, then down the vaginal opening and lips. Utilize a systematic touch and progress from the bottom-up. Redo this process until you reach orgasm while altering the speed and pressure based on your enjoyment.


Other vaginal massage deliberations

Do you want to progress your massage with two-handed movements? Use one of your hands to perform a clitoris massage while stimulating it using your fingers. Utilize the other hand for massaging the yoni lips and sync in an unvaried movement. If your partner prefers penetration, utilize the second hand to penetrate their vagina. For those familiar with the g-spot location, the penetration allows you to give them a g-spot massage, perhaps sweetening the enjoyment.


Besides, make sure that you rub the skin around the yoni carefully while maintaining circular movement in your touches. Be watchful when directly massaging the clit, especially if its hood is retracted. The clit may not be ready for a direct touch stimulation. That said, in the yoni massage exercise (with your partner), communication is a critical aspect that you should consider.


Book your yoni massage ticket from our professionals.

Whether you want to learn more about yoni massage individually or as a couple, get professional help here. Since finding a self-sufficient yoni massage therapist is difficult, Tantric Massage London provides you with an opportunity to learn from our team of experts in the field. Contact us here, and we will be glad to help.

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Health Benefits with a Prostate massage.

Health Benefits Associated with Prostate Massage

Have you heard about prostate massage before? Or have you ever tried massaging your prostate? Why not try asking your massage therapist next time you get a Tantric Massage to include the Prostate Massage! Contact our team of experts at Tantric Massage London. Despite prostate massage being a therapeutic practice, it has far-reaching benefits on your health and well-being. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located several inches inside a man’s anus. It’s located between the testicles and rectum. The prostate’s primary function is producing the prostate fluid contained in the semen.


Prostate MassageThis type of massage continues to remain a taboo that is rarely exploited. One thing that most of you don’t know is that prostate massage can give you unmatched pleasure. The reason behind such happiness is because it creates a sensual excitement and increases orgasm intensity. It is often called the male’s g-spot. Our tantric massage London experts will teach you everything you need to know about this type of massage. Also, you’ll learn about its health benefits and associated risks.


What is prostate massage?

Understanding what prostate massage means is the first step towards accepting and appreciating its health benefits. Your Tantric massage London experts define this massage type as the act of putting a prostate gland massager or fingers inside the anus to locate and massage the gland. There are several reasons behind performing a prostate massage.  Health-wise, it is used as a therapeutic intervention for prostatitis treatment. When conducted for sexual arousal purposes, this gland is massaged to produce an intense, prostate-only orgasm. When integrated with various sexual engagement practices such as masturbation, it gives you an unmatched enjoyment.

Prostate Massage


What are the advantages of prostate massage?

Don’t be stopped by the taboos associated with prostate massage. Also, don’t suffer health complications because of holding onto negative beliefs related to it. Instead, focus on the positive effects related to the act from a therapeutic perspective. Tantric massage London identifies several health benefits associated with prostate massage that worth keeping in mind.


  1. Increased orgasm intensity

Every man here loves reaching the big O, right? You can enjoy this sensation at its full intensity by performing a prostate massage. As previously stated, the prostate gland is the men’s g-spot. Therefore, when mindfully massaged, it results in multiple orgasms. Men report a spectacular sexual affair when they integrate prostate massage in a sexual environment.

male Orgasm

  1. Reduced premature ejaculation risks

Premature ejaculation continues to be a critical sexual problem affecting couples. Gentle massage and touches on your prostate gland reduce inflammation. Such inflammation is associated with uncontrollable ejaculation. That said, massaging this gland helps you address premature ejaculation indirectly. Besides, prostate rubbing relieves you of the tension related to excess semen, improving sexual excitement.  Furthermore, prostate massage strengthens PC muscles, which gives an unquestionable ability to control your ejaculation.


  1. Reduced prostate cancer risks

Studies show that prostate cancer has become one of the high-risk cancers affecting men. According to research, massaging your prostate gland minimizes the risks of contracting prostate cancer. Although this research’s scientific reasons are unclear, its findings support the health experts’ opinion, including your team of hands on experts at tantric massage London.

prostate health

  1. Decreased male impotence

Prostate massage facilitates frequent secretion of prostate fluid. As a result, it enhances longer erections while reducing cancer risks. When your prostate is swollen or inflamed, blood flow around the penile area significantly affected. As a result, it leads to erectile dysfunction. However, through prostate massaging, these inflammations are relieved.

Prostate Massage

Tips to massaging your prostate

Here is a quick list of things you should consider.


  • Maintain cautiousness: Anal touch is sensitive. Therefore, you should not rush into putting stuff inside your butt. Besides, it doesn’t lubricate itself like a woman’s vagina. So, take it step-wise and progress with caution.
  • Clean it up: To get a pleasurable experience, carefully clean the anal area. It will help you avoid inconveniences related to poor hygiene. Also, you will be free of bacterial germs.
  • Use a towel or its equivalent: Avoid messing up the bed or sofa by covering it with a towel.
  • Use plenty of lubes: keep in mind that, unlike the vagina, anal penetration has no natural lubricant. That said, befriend lubes your friend for a better experience. Your Tantric massage London experts advise you to select silicon-based lube over oil- and water-based lubricants. It retains moisture for a more extended period than its counterparts.
  • Start with the external anal area and then proceed to the internal: Awaken the nerve endings located around the anal area using your fingertips and lubricants. Move them circularly until you feel aroused. Now, insert your finger or massager carefully moving towards your stomach. Move it slowly until around you find your g-spot. Afterward, caress it gently until you feel satisfied.


Prostate massage risks

Although it is a pleasurable and healthy practice, prostate massage can turn messy. Therefore, it would be best if you take careful considerations to get it right. Don’t rush into the act. Instead, ensure that you are psychologically and physically prepared to do it. Also, failure to use enough lubricant can turn the massage into a hell of suffering. Furthermore, prostate massage can potentially worsen rectal condition symptoms. The following are some of its side-effects:


  1. Injury

If not done correctly, prostate massage leads to injury resulting from muscle tearing. Factors such as failing to prepare for anal penetration contribute to these injuries. Like any other body muscle, your should relax your anus before allowing anything to go inside.


  1. Aggravated hemorrhoids

While prostate massage is safe, it can worsen rectal issues such as hemorrhoids. As a result, you should consider talking to a specialist to advise you accordingly.


Where to get a prostate massage

This decision is entirely up to you. You can do it yourself. However, if you consider this option, you should consider various preventive measures to avoid any side effects. Whether it’s your first time or you prefer receiving a massage from an expert, contact us here. The advantage associated with this choice is that you’re in safe hands. However, regardless of the choice you make, Tantric massage London hopes that this article will help you make clear and concise decisions regarding prostate massage.


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